GrandCru Ningbo Office is newly opened! Please visit at any time.

Ningbo City is located in Yangtze River Delta Region including Shanghai, as a coastal trade port city of China, and the transportation infrastructure is perfect and convenient, so the new office of GrandCru is opened here.

The opening ceremony for new office was grand and elegant, and we spent the happy time with the invited guests.

The classical music play was arranged on site.

Buffet party

Conduct deep business exchange with the invited guests

“GrandCru” and “Ningbo”

GrandCru has been associated with the Ningbo long since. CEL (China) Co., Ltd. began to operate CEL (Ningbo) Industrial Park in 1994. CEL (Ningbo) Industrial Park not only provides the rental plant space, but also creates an environment, for example: the guests and employees often have the exchange network platform, grow up together in the positive development environment, and make the beneficial contributions to the society. It is a happy and comfortable community like family. Based on Japanese relieved service, it provides the personally felt and energy-filled high-quality service. It is CEL (Ningbo) Industrial Park.

It provides the new value and diversified satisfaction, basic service of industrial park, cooperation and fetter, fashionable sense of design and self-value realization for the rich office life of the clients. As a mature brand, provide the value beyond the expectation of the clients. Change the industrial park, office, work • life style and values. In conclusion, GrandCru service-oriented office was opened in Ningbo.

We look forward to your visit.