GrandCru provides the unique service-oriented office environment and pursue of social contribution.

Introduce GrandCru service-oriented office to you

The vineyard which is rich in the top-quality product in France is praised as “GrandCru”. We select GrandCru as the trademark of the business center to provide the top-quality business service for the members, so as to become the permanent business partner of members.

The service-oriented office provides the switchboard service and affairs on behalf of secretary, and creates the business environment which relieves the relevant business burden and concentrates on work for the clients. It is a rental office with service. Each independent office provides the office furniture, high-speed network environment and telephone line, and the business activity can be started instantly.

Secondly, different form the ordinary rental office, another advantage of the service-oriented office is that the preliminary expense required by signing of contract and sharing of printer, meeting room and rest area greatly decrease the cost.

We will hold the free community activity and regular experience activity, and GrandCru provides the opportunity of profound exchange for the work and life of the clients.

Design filled with affection

The elegant design and taste-oriented of the office also provide the optimal business activity atmosphere for the clients.

The sophisticated and professional staff provide the meticulous and diligent service for the clients.

History of GrandCru

GrandCru is a service-oriented office brand subordinated to CEL (China) Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Office was opened in 2018, and it was a new service-oriented office that GrandCru aimed at launching new place in China.

CEL (China) Co., Ltd.

Our Idea

Work full of expectation for future in GrandCru. The comfortable office space can create a happy work for the clients.
■ Vigorous, fashionable and calm atmosphere. We not only pay attention to your business experience in GrandCru, and the rich cultural atmosphere is also our feature. The red wine produced by senior chateau of France is charming, natural and healthy, and is also integrated with the sustainable development idea facing future.
■ The office not only consists of a desk and a meeting room, but also includes a kind of cultural atmosphere and community culture, and brews vitality.
■ GrandCru is not a simple operating service-oriented office, but creates an environment. The clients and employees keep exchange at high-speed network, warmly cooperate with each other, and create a positive development atmosphere like a happy family community. Music appreciation, film enjoyment, Days office café, Days office wine, Days office yoga and other rich activities, care for sense experiences, and create the healthy environment beneficial for relaxing and full of vitality with topic space to touch the clients.
■ Provide the incomparable, dynamic, reassuring and high-quality Japanese service. It is GrandCru.

Our Commitments

  • It only pursues quality rather than scale.

① Shanghai service-oriented office which provides the service for the clients as commodity establishes the benchmarking for shared office;
② Provide smile and affection for the clients in a relaxed, polite, tidy and continuous manner;
③ Provide the shared office of different service concepts for the clients;

  • Only commit quality rather than price competition.

① Provide the new value for the rich office life of the clients. Meet the office, social contact, fashionable and self-actualization demand;
② GrandCru provides the service beyond the expectation of the clients;
③ Change the “office”, business style, habit and value, and create future.

Practical multiple value

Use the business and leisure area of each branch

Each branch owns the business and leisure area, and provides the rest time for coffee and tea drinking.

The clients and those who rent the meeting room can randomly use them.

Use the latest equipment, help the clients to save the cost, and advocate the environmental protection. The clients of each branch and users of the meeting room can randomly use them.

Send the E-mail of relevant business information, invite the exchange meeting of the service-oriented office

Provide the subscription E-mail of Chinese business information. Regularly hold the free exchange meeting.

Use the service of each branch

The excellent staff of each branch of GrandCru provides assistance in your business activities.

Idea of GrandCru

We have to exist like this: We cultivate the talent valuable to the society, and always extend the value.

Happiness of employees and clients

GrandCru = shock of affection x persistence of affection

In order to ensure the business activity of the clients more convenient, it provides the agent administrative formalities, accounting • tax affairs, personnel affairs and life support and other businesses. Please negotiate with the staff at any time.

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