Check-in process

01. Please contact us by E-mail and telephone to arrange visit.
02. Confirm the clients on the visit date, and we will contact you on that day.
03. You shall come to GrandCru before the confirmed visit date.

⇒Our staff will bring you to visit the showroom and common area.

04. We will issue the quotation of room pleased by you to you after visit.

⇒We will explain the service-oriented office contract.

After you agree the quotation, we will send the Use Contract of GrandCru Service-oriented Office to you, and explain it.
Please send back the contract to us after being sealed.
We will send back the relevant documents of contract (relevant check-in document) and notice of the first payment to you.
Please submit the contract document (check-in document) after filling in the necessary information, sealing on it and attaching the necessary data.

Document provided by the clients during contract signing

Legal person client Individual client
・Contract signing document

・ Duplicate of Business License

・Identification certificate of responsible person of use of office

・Company profile

・Contract signing document

・ Identification certificate

・ Certificate pictures

09. You shall pay the expense in the notice of the first payment.
The contract signing formalities are completed.

⇒Handle the check-in formalities and introduce the usage method of all facilities.
Immediately consult