Common problems

1.Problems of service-oriented office

・How many advantages of the service-oriented office? What is the difference of the service-oriented office and ordinary office?

Answer: The service-oriented office provided by GrandCru is located in the excellent district of the downtown, the monthly rent has included a whole set of office furniture and common office equipment without being equipped by oneself. It is an office space where the business activity can be instantly started. It provides the flexible efficient and cost-saving service for the clients.

  • All formalities and expenses are required at the beginning of establishment of ordinary office
  • Time cost of office layout;
  • Application for office decoration and fire protection and all high expenses generated;
  • Only long-term contracts can be signed;
  • Application and fortification of laying communication infrastructure and expense generated;
  • Labor cost;
  • Purchase or rental expense of printer, photocopier and other expensive equipment;
  • Moving arrangement and other trivial matters;
  • Other time-consuming preparatory works;

Compared with all above items, the service-oriented office of GrandCru can be booked only by a call, and it can be started instantly after powering on computer.

・How much is the area of room and are there many types of rooms to be selected?

Answer: We can adjust the office form according to the demand of the clients. One location of the independent office is rented. And the reception area, meeting room, OA equipment (copy, fax) and public rest area are equipped.

・Can the service-oriented office of GrandCru be visited?

Answer: Welcome your visit. We can flexibly adjust the visit date and time according to the demand and time of the clients.

・Is there any office equipment such as office table?

Answer: Each independent office is equipped with the office tables and chairs which conform to the number of staff of your company, and there are bookshelves in part of rooms. You can instantly start the business activity on the date of check-in.

2. Expense issues

・How much is the rent per square meter?

Answer: GrandCru does not calculate the rent according to the area of the ordinary rented office, but charges according to the position. And the expense includes the use cost of the front desk, switchboard and common office equipment and common region. The quotation is customized according to the demand of the clients.

・How much is it?

Answer: The expense is different according to the quantity of positions, whether the window is had or not and other conditions. Please negotiate with the sales personnel for details.

・How much is the service-oriented office compared with the ordinary office?

Answer: The performance cost of the service-oriented office is described as follows:
1. There is no preliminary expense (such as decoration cost) for rental of ordinary office;
2. There is no need to purchase the office furniture and other equipment. It is a fair price from the perspective of annual budget.Please negotiate with the sales personnel for details.

・Is the deposit such as cash pledge required?

Answer: For GrandCru Shanghai Jing’an, Gubei and Huaihai offices, the deposit is 2-month rent; For GrandCru Ningbo, the deposit is 3-month rent.

3. Service issues

・What contents are included in the basic service of GrandCru?

Room cleaning;
Visitor reception;
E-mail receiving;
Message delivery;
Introduction on network service provider.

・What is the business hours of office? Can the office rented by me also be used at night?

Answer: The business hours of the receptionist of front desk are 9:00am-6:00pm. The independent office and public area are freely used for 24h.

・Is the independent office cleaned by oneself?

Answer: It is cleaned by the housekeeper every day.

・Is E-mail received?

Answer: We provide the receiving and storage service of E-mail for you.

・Can the phone number used before check-in continue to be used?

Answer: GrandCru provides the dedicated phone number, so the previous number cannot continue to be used.

・Is there anyone can work on behalf of secretary?

Answer: The staff in the office can provide assistance if it required by the clients.

4. Equipment • facility issues

• Are the public security and relevant facilities perfect?

Answer: The visitors will be firstly received by the receptionist of front desk within the business hours to prevent the guests from suddenly visiting and disturbing your work.

• How is the network environment?

Answer: GrandCru provides the high-speed optical fiber Internet, and provides Wifi for 24h.

• Are there all equipment for the office?

Answer: GrandCru provides the common printing and scanning all-in-one machine.

• Can the privacy be guaranteed when the common printer is used?

Answer: Each independent office is equipped with the independent printer, so it cannot be mixed with the others’ documents, and the privacy can be protected.

• Is there fax machine?

Answer: All-in-one machine of GrandCru Jing’an Office owns the fax function.

• Can the fax machine, photocopier and other equipment be brought by ourselves?

Answer: Yes, it is.

5. Meeting room issues

• Are there meeting room and meeting area?

Answer: GrandCru provides the public reception area and flexible meeting room.

• What kind of meeting room is provided?

Answer: We provide the standard meeting room and the multiple-person activity meeting room. Meanwhile, we provide the telephone and high-speed network, and arrange the professional receptionist to handle the affairs on behalf of secretary.
※If the category and equipment of meeting room are different, please negotiate with the staff.

・Can the staff provide assistance if it is required in meeting?

Answer: Yes, it is. The staff of GrandCru can assist the setting of equipment used in meeting and the routine work. The staff is provided with the professional training, so they can cope with all scales of meetings and activities.

・What equipment is included in the use cost of meeting room?

Answer: The white board, high-speed network and so on are provided according to the demand of the clients.

・What equipment can also be used when the meeting room is used?

Answer: GrandCru provides multiple services. The bar area, coffee and black tea and so on can be provided when the visitors come. The staff can assist the copying, fax, printing, binding and other secretary affairs required in meeting. Secondly, we provide the rental of the teleconference equipment and projector.
※If the category and equipment of meeting room are different, please negotiate with the staff.

・How much is it?

Answer: Rental expense of meeting room and expense of rented equipment. Please negotiate with the staff for details.

・How much is the meeting room? Can it be borrowed?

Answer: The expense is different according to the type of meeting room and office contract. Please negotiate with the staff. The meeting room can be borrowed.

6. Contract issues

・What is the type of contract?

Answer: It is a contract for the use of office, service and facilities in the museum. The contract shall prevail within the term of validity of contract.

・How long is the term of contract?

Answer: It includes daily rent, monthly rent and annual contract.

・If we don’t renew it, how long shall we apply for it in advance?

Answer: Please file an application 2 months in advance.

Answer: Please notify us before change. Please provide the business license for filing after change.

7. Other issues

・Can the address of GrandCru be used to register the company?

Answer: Yes, please negotiate with our sales personnel.

・Can smoking be allowed?

Answer: No smoking.