Privacy Policy

CEL (China) Co., Ltd. formulates the following privacy protection policy according to Chinese laws and regulations and based on ensuring the safety of personal information. This policy is not only for the personal information, but also applicable to the information of legal persons and other group clients.

Company Name

CEL (China) Co., Ltd./CEL (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch/CEL (China) Co., Ltd. Huangpu Branch/CEL (China) Co., Ltd. Changning Branch

Safety Management Measures

The Company takes the necessary safety management measures in order to prevent the leakage of personal information and losses caused. The Company conducts the necessary supervision on the specific personal information processing personnel and clients (including secondary clients). The specific provision of the specific personal information safety management measures is shown in the Personal Information Management Regulation.

Obtain Personal Information

The Company will express the purpose, method and scope of use of personal information within the scope understood by the clients. It will not obtain the personal information by illegal means.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When the personal information of the clients is used, the Company will publicize and notify the clients. Except for the following matters, the personal information of the clients stored will not be used in this publicity. When it is not used for the following purposes, it shall be agreed by the clients, and the purpose, method and scope of use are explained.
Contact, introduction and proposal related to all commodities, services and activities
Application for acceptance, signing and performance of contract of design, engineering, supervision, house transaction, intermediary, rental, management, inspection, decoration, maintenance and other affairs
Formalities of investigation, analysis, examination, application and declaration, etc. (financing, registration, insurance, etc.) required to complete the above purpose
Reply of client message and negotiated matters
Send the relevant information and activity information of the Company and subscribe E-mail, etc.
Support and response of accident, disaster and other emergencies
Send market activity, satisfaction investigation and other questionnaires
Planning, research, development and improvement of commodity and service
Implement the entrusted business, information provided for the third party in order to achieve the above purpose
Above relevant and associated matters
Other individual committed matters

Personal Information Provided for the Third Party

Personal information of the clients, only the following circumstances are provided for the third party.
Agreed by the clients in advance
Based on national laws and regulations
When it is difficult to be agreed by the clients in order to protect the flagrant necessity of life safety, body or property
When it is difficult for the public hygiene, guaranteeing the healthy growth of children and promotion and other specific circumstances to be agreed by the clients
When the state organ or local public body entrusts to execute the decree laws and regulations after being agreed by the client, but it has an influence on the execution
When the party is not designated, provide and publicize the data
When the relevant companies (the Company and capital related enterprises) act (the Company is responsible for data management) with the publicity
Capital related company: CEL Corporation

Manage Personal Data

In order to ensure the correctness of information, the Company strictly manages the personal information, and pays attention to the details when it is used and provided.
In addition, when the external professional company is entrusted to process the personal information, the Company will strictly select the formal company, and strictly supervise the use and protection.

Safety Management Measures of Personal Information

In order to prevent the personal information from being lost, distorted, leaked, lost or damaged, the Company takes the measures that rectify the system, provide the internal education, formulate the storage policy, and prevent the improper acquisition, etc. Implement organized and targeted technical safety management measures. In addition, the Company shall take the safety management measures when entrusting the third party to process it.

Publicity • Correction • Deletion and Complaint of Personal Information

The Company provides the personal information (the Company reserves the right to publicize, correct, add and delete the personal data) according to the written request of the clients. Secondly, the Company accepts the opinion on use of personal information, and rapidly responds to the correction, deletion, addition and disuse and other requirements when necessary. For the application method, please conduct consultation as follows:
When conduct publicity and processing, please provide the personal identity document. The service charge is Yen 756 (tax-inclusive) each.

Continuous Improvement

The Company clearly knows the importance for protecting personal information, in order to preferably protect the personal information of the clients, the Company will continuously improve the internal system and rule of the company related to protection of personal information.