Shared Office

GrandCru service-oriented office meets multiple use demands of the clients of the company.

Therefore, GrandCru service-oriented office provides the comfortable office space and relevant services in the prosperous business center zone.

Office Space

We provide the dedicated office space for you in the service-oriented office.

The public meeting area and rest area can be freely used. Each area owns the domestic function.
GrandCru is devoted to providing the office space to concentrate on work, and looks forward to your visit and negotiation.

Rental of meeting room

GrandCru provides multiple meeting rooms selected by number of persons. It can use for the business negotiation activities, such as seminar, audition studio and business proposal.

Virtual office

GrandCru provides the address service used by the company to be published on the official website and business card of the company as the address of company. It can also provide the “virtual office” service used as the registered address of company.

GrandCru is located in the prosperous business center area in Shanghai, and provides the advanced sense and relieved sense for the clients.

Receive and send E-mail and express on behalf

Provide the reception service of E-mail and express on behalf. Also forward E-mail according to the demand of the clients.

Telephone switchboard and secretary business

GrandCru provides the switchboard switch and secretary business service. And it also provides the dedicated telephone number. The professional staff provides Japanese corresponding service of five-star hotel level.

Tools leasing

GrandCru provides the stationery required by the office and other articles, please notify the staff if required.