What is Service-oriented office

GrandCru provides an office environment that the clients can concentrate on work and relieve the relevant business burden of the clients, and is a rental service-oriented office equipped with telephone switchboard, secretary business and other services. Each room is equipped with the office furniture, high-speed network and telephone, and the company business can be instantly started.

Secondly, different form the ordinary rental office, another advantage of the service-oriented office is that the preliminary expense required by signing of contract and sharing of printer, meeting room and rest area greatly decrease the cost.

It is very suitable for the clients who would like to open the office, not require the large space, save the expense and pursue the advanced sense in the prosperous business center area.

Advantages of service-oriented office

Contract signing, telephone, high-speed network and so on according to the required position, provide the environment that the clients can start the commercial business only by a personal computer.

Secondly, attach the functions required by the front desk, visitor reception, switchboard, rental meeting room and other works by preferential price.

Compared with the cash pledge, cash gift, decoration cost and other costs expenditure of the ordinary rental office, the service-oriented office is equipped with the front desk, office tables and chairs, telephone, network and other required facilities, so as to greatly decrease cost at the beginning of establishment of company.

Compared with the ordinary rental office, one to several persons can flexibly sign the contract, so it is convenient for cost control.

It is possible to open the company in the prosperous business center area with expensive land price, such as Jing’an District, Gubei and Huaihai, Shanghai with high popularity and convenience.